G-Cloud 13 & Digital Outcomes

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What is G-Cloud 13?

G-Cloud 13 is a framework managed by the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) and designed to improve the government’s procurement and commercial activities.

The framework, which is now in its 13th iteration, is divided into Lots (categories) which suppliers can apply to be approved for, depending on which public sector solutions they can provide.

  • Lot 1: Cloud Hosting (IaaS and Paas)

  • Lot 2:  Cloud Software (SaaS)

  • Lot 3: Cloud Support

  • Lot 4: Cloud Support – Further Competition

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G-Cloud 13 is designed to provide access public sector organisations with access to multiple suppliers and could services, including SMEs and to offer a quick and easy route to market.

CX- Consultants is an approved Lot 3 supplier and can provide consultancy and implementation for:

  • Zendesk Service and CRM

  • Oracle Intelligent Advisor (formerly Oracle Policy Automation/OPA)

  • HubSpot Solutions

  • Salesforce Solutions

  • ServiceNow Cloud Services

  • Oracle (Rightnow) Service Cloud CRM

What is Digital Outcomes?

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 is  an agreement which can be used by all public sector organisations to find suppliers who can design, build and provide bespoke digital services using an agile approach.

  • Lot 1: Digital Outcomes

  • Lot 2: Digital Specialists

  • Lot 3: User Research Studios

  • Lot 4: User Research Participants

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The best examples are implemented with motivated and enabled staff underpinning the chosen technology.


CX Systems

Looking at a new CRM system or have a system that you need to get the most out of? Our CX Systems team are the experts in both new implementations as well as getting the best out of your current systems.


We have extensive experience in CRM system configuration, implementation and maintenance across a range of Gartner Quadrant systems, including Oracle, Salesforce and HubSpot.


CX Services

When you need that little bit of help to get through the workload our managed service team is on hand to support.


We have specialists in numerous technologies including HubSpot, Salesforce, Oracle B2C (RightNow, Service Cloud) and ServiceNow.


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