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What Makes Us Different?

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Retail Business & Digital Transformation

Retail has changed dramatically over the past few years, with more transactions occurring online. Consumers demand and expect a seamless experience throughout their journey from Zero Moment of Truth when they first research a product or brand to the actual purchase and beyond.

The challenge for retailers is how to deliver the best possible personalised customer experience and exceptional service in an ever-changing landscape.


Some of our retail success stories

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Thinking outside the box for an integrated solution

Our customer was operating with different brands across multiple countries and needed to prioritise incoming enquiries and direct them to the agent with the most relevant skillset. ​Skills-based routing was relatively new at the time. Still, by understanding the customer’s requirements and the different complexities, such as language, we could put in place a means of routing inquiries based on agent capabilities. ​Our knowledge of the different packages available meant we saved the customer both time and money by negotiating the best package that could incorporate the additional functionality they required. The benefits of a call routing strategy are considerable and include increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, better first contract resolution and greater efficiency, performance and productivity.

Full digital and business support

We supported a start-up pet food company by developing and managing its business, ecommerce and marketing strategy across Europe. ​Through our product knowledge and business agility we were able set up the company’s ecommerce site including sales functions through Google Shopping, Amazon Marketplace and eBay and ensure full integration with its warehouses and fulfilment centres across Europe. Once these were in place we completed a full HubSpot integration to streamline the sales, marketing and service processes. This enabled the company to communicate with customers through targeted email and social media campaigns, gain valuable customer insights and effectively deal with enquiries. HubSpot was the ideal solution for this customer as it provided all the tools it needed to for a small business to manage customers, build better relationships and improve customer satisfaction.


Our Digital Transformation Successes


Local Government

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Customer Experience

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