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State of Contact Centre Technology

2 Feb 2022

CCW Digital market study

CCW Digital launched a survey in January to investigate the state of contact centre technology and to looks at trends for 2022.

Global respondents to the survey included those responsible for overall leadership, contact centre, customer experience, digital strategy and marketing from companies of varying sizes across all major industries.

The aim of the survey was to find out:

  • What technology decisions will help companies to achieve their goals of achieving employee productivity and customer satisfaction while still remaining agile and efficient?

  • What technological capabilities will help them to be ready for both expected and unexpected changes in the future?

  • And, what threats and opportunities must be addressed 2022?

10 key findings:

  1. The majority of companies today are relatively confident in their contact centre technology and feel that this makes makes them fairly ready for all key customer and employee experience trends.

  2. A staggering 52% of respondents feel that their tech is ‘very well prepared’ to support the continued trend towards remote and hybrid ways of working.

  3. It’s acknowledged that there are some clear opportunities. Over a fifth of companies feel slightly unprepared for growth in self-service and agent led digital interactions.

  4. Improving technology, reducing customer and agent effort, supporting real-time and e-learning are all main technology goals for 2022.

  5. Just 41% feel that ‘users’ like customers and front-line agents have enough say when it comes to technology decisions.

  6. Wanting to empower these users, companies see usability for employers, managers and customers as key way to evaluate new solutions.

  7. Integration with current or planned technology stacks, API and plugin ability and ease of scaling are also seen as important purchasing factors.

  8. An incredible 91% say their agents need to access multiple screens/systems during a typical transaction.

  9. Even with this statistic, a staggering 59% of companies said their technology does help in some way to empower productive employees performance.

  10. With the rising popularity of AI, contact centres are training agents for more complex interactions, coaching them to handle more analytical and programmatic work, and are recruiting agents who lean more towards complex work, and collaborating with IT so they can support new AI tools.

Robot on a blue digital background with AI


Conversational AI is a game changer. We’re moving from an age where we adapt to how computers process inputs to an age where natural language interfaces enable us to find information quickly, access systems and complete end-to-end processes.

CCW Digital concludes its research report by stating that:

“Conversational AI opens the doors to increasing revenue without increasing headcount, providing higher quality and more consistent customer service, and making it easy and interesting for consumers to stay in a self-service mindset.”

You can access the full CCW Digital Study here


If you have any questions or want to discuss your customer experience, contact centre technology or digital strategy, get in touch, we're here to help.

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