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5 steps to digital transformation for local authorities

23 Mar 2023

How the public sector can achieve a successful digital transformation

Digital transformation presents many opportunities for local government and its citizens, but many organisations need help to undertake a successful digital transformation.

To help local government achieve their digital transformation goals, the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) has published a free guide that provides steps the public sector can take to build their digital transformation strategy, which David Bemrose, Head of Account Strategy for Local Government, has outlined in a recent article for PublicTechnology.

1. Defining Customer Needs

It’s essential to start with a clear understanding of citizens and their behaviour. In other words, define who the local authority’s users are and their needs. What’s important to them?

2. Collaboration - work smartly

Collaborating with other local authorities is cost-effective and overcomes duplication of effort. By collaborating and talking to those on the same journey or who have completed their digital transformation, the public sector can re-use technology, data, and services and share information on best practices and what works and what doesn’t.

(Have a look at our Blog Delivering Customer Experience Digital Transformation Quickly, which offers advice on successful implementation for public sector organisations).

3. Fit for the present and the future

Technology is continually developing, so the chosen technology and software must be able to adapt to future needs. Using open standard software will future-proof the technology and allow local authorities to continue their services without disruption, communicate with other technology and systems, and upgrade or expand technology when needed.

4. Protecting customer data

Local authorities hold vast amounts of data, especially citizen data which could belong to vulnerable individuals. Making sure systems and data, particularly citizen information, is secure with the appropriate level of security is vital. This is, of course, a legal requirement under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

5. A strategic approach

Digital transformation strategies must include a clear purchasing strategy demonstrating consideration of the components, resources, support, and delivery mechanisms required.

This will also help to decide if a build, buy, or a combined approach is best to deliver the technical project successfully and cost-effectively.

Click here to read David Bemrose’s full PublicTechnology article (including a link to download the free guide).


We have worked with many public sector organisations including local & central government, schools, universities, councils, and NHS trusts, helping them to successfully digitise their processes and services for citizens and local communities.

You can find out more on our Public Sector Frameworks page, or if you have any questions, or want to discuss your CX strategy or need help implementing your digital transformation, get in touch, we're here to help.

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