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Why customer experience strategies fail

6 Sept 2022

A lack of leadership

According to Jeb Dasteel’s article for CMSWire, CX fails because everyone thinks they own it, so no one takes charge of the customer experience. And this is despite evidence that CX leadership roles have grown, including Chief Customer and Chief Experience Officers.

So why are CX strategies failing?

1. A fragmented strategy – If the structure is unclear and is disjointed it’s difficult to relate this to operational successes/failures; it can be viewed as transactional/tactical and will lack buy-in from all involved. Each CX strategy must include customer engagement programmes, customer feedback and insights, success, brand advocacy and customer-centred transformation.

2. A lack of leadership – Each executive team member must be clear about their role and how they will work together. For example, the CCO should drive the vision while each team member must push the execution of their operational objectives that are part of the strategy's success.

3. Inadequate change management – This is both internally and externally. Companies need to communicate clearly with employees and customers the reasons for change, why and how the company is investing in CX, the benefits and how it will measure success.

4. Too much process and too little action – There's too much of a focus on the idea and approach and not enough on the tactics, transactions and business results.


If you need help with your CX Strategy, or advice on how to plan your customer experience, get in touch, we're here to help.

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