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The 12 Myths of CX-mas

We spend a lot of time talking about CX & CRM

But, a lot of people still don’t quite understand what these terms mean, and even worse, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about them.

People think the Industry is boring and expensive, and we’re here to counter those claims!

Santa on a Laptop

This Christmas, we’ve put together a list of the top 12 CRM and CX myths that we hear frequently. We’ve taken the time to counter these arguments, so the next time you hear them, just direct the naysayers here!

(As a side note, if you’re still confused about all things CRM & CX, why not check out our Glossary).

So without further ado, here are our:

12 Myths of CX & CRM

Myth 1: Implementing a CRM System is an expensive endeavour

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Whilst this can be true, it doesn’t have to be!

There are many different CRM systems and tools available now which can cater to any business's requirements; it doesn't matter if it's small, medium or large.

Most CRM packages such as Salesforce, Hubspot and Zendesk have pricing plans designed for all sizes of teams and organisations and their different needs.

CRM systems can be a game changer and allow you to effectively streamline, automate and manage your customer relationships to deliver an exceptional customer experience and increase sales.

So no matter the size of your team, there’s a CRM package perfect for you. And your investment will definitely be worth it!

Myth 2: CX is the same as Customer Service

Absolutely not!

If you have any CX professionals round for dinner this Christmas, try saying this over your roast, and see how they react!

Don’t get me wrong, customer service is an integral part of your customer’s journey, but it is only one part. That’s like saying that your turkey is your Christmas dinner! Whilst it is a key part, without the rest of the trimmings (and if you’re so inclined, the wine), you’re just eating a roast bird.

Customer experience is all the different ways a customer interacts with your company (live chat, social media, phone, chatbots, emails etc) and how they feel about those interactions and their experience with your company or brand.

Myth 3: Implementing a CRM system takes more time than it’s worth!

A Christmas alarm clock

Whilst it’s true that changing your business’ internal processes does require a large time commitment, this process can be streamlined to make it as easy as possible.

With a proper plan, the correct allocation of time and resources, and suitable training, implementation can be smooth and relatively painless. Once you have the bare-bones of the system integrated into your business it couldn’t be easier to get started.

Most CRM platforms offer training and consulting so you can get the most out of the platform, without spending any more time than you need to.

So whilst it’s certainly a time consuming process, to argue that the end result isn’t worth the planning and time required, is clearly wrong!

Myth 4: Customer Satisfaction is lifelong

A long time ago, this may have been true! But customers are not the creatures of habit they once were. Customers no longer have the same loyalty to brands that they used to, and we need to keep working to keep our customers.

Some people still believe that once a customer is satisfied, that’s it. They’re now faithful to you.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. As we all know, customers are fickle people. One wrong move or if they experience better service elsewhere, they’ll be more than happy to leave.

To maintain customer loyalty, you need to ensure that your CX strategy is fluid and constantly improving and reacting to your customers' needs. Or you run the risk of losing them.

Myth 5: CRM systems are only for customer facing departments

Someone holding some Christmas shopping

Absolutely Not! This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The traditional view of CRM systems is that they’re only for your sales, marketing and customer service teams.

However, when integrated properly, they can be incredibly useful for every department.

Your HR teams can use them to organise the workforce, send out payslips, manage sick days and even organise employees PTO (paid time off).

Your finance team can use CRM systems to create reports on your customers' statistical data and spending habits, which they can pass on to your sales and marketing teams. As well as this, they can easily keep track of invoices, manage budgets and produce reports on predicted sales data.

Myth 6: NPS is the only metric you need


We hear this all the time, even from people in the CX world!

We speak to so many people who aren’t getting enough insights from their CX programs.

Whilst NPS (net promoter score) is a good starting point, it doesn’t provide enough insight into your customers. To fully understand what your customers want, you need to collect a wide range of metrics.

If you haven’t already, we recommend you start by collecting your CES, CRR and CSAT.

Myth 7: CRM Systems aren’t customisable

Christmas tree made out of puzzle pieces

This is so wrong!

We speak to many people who aren’t getting the most out of their CRM Systems.

If you’ve spent the time and money to integrate a CRM system into your organisation, but you’re only using the out-of-the-box features, there’s so much you’re missing out on!

The beauty of most CRM systems, is that they can be fully bespoke and customised to meet your needs.

Systems such as Salesforce have free training programmes like Trailhead, where they can teach you everything you need to know about customising your systems, or if you don’t have the time/technical knowhow for this, there are companies out there (like us), who can do this for you!

Myth 8: If no one is complaining, that means your CX is great!

No one is perfect!

If you’re not receiving any negative feedback, this is not the great news that you may think.

Complaints are the perfect feedback for making changes to your CX, and if you’re not getting any, how can you improve your strategy?

If your customers can't be bothered to complain, they may have already given up and moved to a competitor!

Myth 9: CRM Systems are only for big companies

A group of people round a table in Christmas jumpers

This is simply not true!

We speak a lot about the importance of integrating CRM systems into every department across your company, so you could be forgiven for believing CRM systems are only for Big Companies.

Most CRM packages such as Salesforce, Hubspot and Zendesk have different offerings and pricing plans designed for all sizes of teams and organisations and their different needs.

Whether you’re a massive multi-national corporation, or an SME with less than 10 employees, investing in a CRM system will work wonders for you and your company!

Myth 10: Customer Experience only starts after the sale

This is as unforgivable as saying Santa doesn’t exist!

Your CX affects your customer from their Zero Moment of Truth (When they first become aware of your brand)

If your experience isn’t great during the pre-purchase stage of your customer's journey, they aren’t going to continue through to purchase from you.

It’s all well and good investing in customer service from a post-purchase point, but you need to make sure every pre-purchase touchpoint with your customer is smooth, or you won't even make that sale!

Myth 11: CRM systems are difficult to integrate with other software

In the past, this may have been true!

However, in this modern age, so many CRM systems have integration capability built in, and if not, there are so many open APIs that you can do it yourself.

Even if you’re not the most technologically capable, you can reach out to a company like us to do your integrations for you!

Myth 12: CX is not as important as your products pricing

Coins stacked up in front of lights

Not necessarily!

Many people think that as long as they can beat their competitor's pricing, then their customers will choose them. (Especially in the B2B space).

Research has shown that 70% of buying decisions are based on Customer Experience.

Look at some of the biggest brands out there, they may be more expensive than their competitors, but they still beat them, because their Customer Experience is so good.

Merry Christmas!

In the words of Buddy the elf:

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is to sing it loud for all to hear".

The next time you hear someone spreading these myths, whether it be your friend, an employee or even your boss, be sure to send them our way, so we can help correct them (However, if it's your boss, make sure to do it nicely, Christmas cheer only goes so far)

We're signing off for Christmas, but we'll be back next year with more helpful posts about all things CRM, CX & Digital Transformation.

Merry CX-Mas


The CX Consultants Team


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